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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I just browed the net and realized that a lot of sales, bazzars are coming this weekend. geesh! And I told myself, I won't be spending a lot the next coming weeks, as my family and I are going on HK for the holidays, where I will be doing tons and tons of shopping. Now, with all teh sale and bazaars that are lined up, how can I resist not to spend even just 1 peso??!!! waaaahhhhhhh!! Talk about temptation to the highest level! hahahaha :) Plus, aside from sales this weekend, we are going to sepnd the weekend at Tagaytay, sicne there is an ongoing promo at Taal Vista and we have to attend a christening. Phew! Just thinking about teh activities lined up for this coming weekend, makes me tired. And I was sooo looking forward to spending quality time with baby since it's a long weekend...geesshhh!


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