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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here I am trying to venture the blogging world. I started a couple of days ago, when for a couple of weeks now, I have been browsing the web and have been reading a lot of blogs made by different people. Since sometimes I have lots of weird ideas on my brain, I opted to join the blogging world...yey! Unfortunately, for me, I only know how to write but I do not know how to manuever this site...hahaha! So, I ended up creating a lot of blogs, each with one post each! I wanted to maintain the beautyandgeekness site when I realized that I created the "bb cream" as its title! geesh! How can I create different stuff when my home page is entitled "bb cream"...hahahaha!! So I opted to open another blog, this time, this beautygeekness and decided to transfer all the posts which I have created from the different blogs and just maintain this site. I have "followed" a lot of people using beautyandgeekness...guess I have to join again those contests using beautygeekness because of my lack of knowledge how to use this...geesh!hehehe :) Well, in time, I will be a whiz at this and will post pics eventually...bear with me! :)

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