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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Xmas giveaway!

I soo heart the chocolates that are up for grabs in this cool Xmas giveaway by Sarah. Just click teh link for details:


Good luck everyone! :)


I just browed the net and realized that a lot of sales, bazzars are coming this weekend. geesh! And I told myself, I won't be spending a lot the next coming weeks, as my family and I are going on HK for the holidays, where I will be doing tons and tons of shopping. Now, with all teh sale and bazaars that are lined up, how can I resist not to spend even just 1 peso??!!! waaaahhhhhhh!! Talk about temptation to the highest level! hahahaha :) Plus, aside from sales this weekend, we are going to sepnd the weekend at Tagaytay, sicne there is an ongoing promo at Taal Vista and we have to attend a christening. Phew! Just thinking about teh activities lined up for this coming weekend, makes me tired. And I was sooo looking forward to spending quality time with baby since it's a long weekend...geesshhh!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mark Blockbuster Giveaway

Awesome Mark stuff up for grabs! Click on the link for details on how you could join:


Haven't rally tried any of their stuuf, though, so I am crossing my fingers that I win this...hehehe :) Good luck, everyone! :)

Love Spread Contest

Another giveaway from another fab blogger. Click on Nancy's blog for details:


Enjoy, guys! :)

Soapaholic's First Giveaway

Here's another treat for you bloggers out there. Soapaholic if having her first giveaway! Click on the link for details on how to join:


Good luck everyone! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

early-xmas-giveaway from Maria

A great giveaway from Maria! Click on the link for details on how to join:


Good luck!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

new template

I just changed my blogger template, but I can't seem to find my followers :(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Giveaway!

Here's another fab giveaway, ladies! Just click on the link on how to join:


Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Giveaway from Mommy Fabulous

Mommy Fabulous is having her giveaway. Click on the link for details on how to win her fab prizes!


Good luck! :)

Lipsticks that cause CANCER

I am reposting the whoe post from tasteoforiginality as a shoutout to all girls out there. I don't know of this is a hoax, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Here's the link by the way :


(to all those that wear lipstick or know someone who does..PLEASE pass this on)

Some of you may have seen this, This is a reminder.

Lipstick - IMPORTANT

Next time you (or your loved one)

go shopping for Lipstick...

This comes from someone who works in the breast cancer unit

at Mt. Sinai Hospital , in Toronto

From: Dr. Nahid Neman

"If there is a female you care anything about, share this with her!!!!!

I am also sharing this with the males on my e-mail list,

because they need to tell the females THEY care about as well!

Recently a lipstick brand called 'Red Earth'

Decreased their prices from $67 to $9.90.

It contained lead.

Lead is a chemical which causes cancer.

The lipstick brands that contain lead are:







RED EARTH (Lip Gloss)

CHANEL (Lip Conditioner)


The higher the lead content, The greater the chance of causing cancer.

After doing a test on lipsticks,

It was found that the YVES SAINT LAURENT Lipstick contained the most amount of lead."

(yikes!!!!!!!!!!! I had been contemplating on getting me an YSL lipstick too! Now I definitely won't because I don't want to be paying $34.00 a pop just to get cancer!)

"Watch out for those lipsticks which are supposed to stay longer.

If your lipstick stays longer, it is because of the higher content of lead.

Here is the test you can do yourself:

1. Put some lipstick on your hand.

2. Use a Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick.

3. If the lipstick colour changes to black,

Then you know the lipstick contains lead.

Please send this information to all your girlfriends, Wives and female

family members. This information is being circulated at

Walter Reed Army Medical Centre

Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer, Especially breast cancer."


a fabuluous giveaway from Julu Jewelry by Stephanie

Stephanie's giveaway are awesome! Just click on the link for details on how to join:


Good luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Simple Giveaway

Here's another cool giveaway:


Just click on the link for mechanics on how to join :)

rcbc luxasia sale

Went to the RCBC Luxasia Sale yesterday...and the day before that...hehehe :) I have been hanging out in gtalk for the past couple of weeks and have been reading the posts regarding Shiseido. So, I ended up buying last Wednesday the foundation stick. I have my ever reliable Revlon concealer, but I wanted to try th foundation stick/concealer of Shiseido. It smells nice, too :) As for yesterday, I bought stuff from their SkinCare line. I dunno if I will still drop by today...especially since it's payday...waaahhhhhh!!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

time alone

I chatted with my sister who lives abroad and she was complaining about how stressed she was. Then she started rambling about her everyday routine--to meeting deadlines in work, to rushing to catch the bus, to trying tio get home for dinner to be able to cook food, then to taking care of my 3-yr old nephew, to trying to get some alone time with my brother-in-law and the list goes on and on. Then, I asked her, so when does she take some time off for her to be alone? She asks me, "What time alone?" as if what I asked her was some foreign language. She said, she'd arther spend the extra time that she has to spend with my nephew rather than spend it with her herself.

Oftentimes, I would complain about not having enough time for myself, considering I have a yaya to take care of my baby and to take care of some household chores. Plus, my job is not demanding, which was the main reason why I took this job in the first place and left my more "insitutionalized" job. I had to give up my pride, for this job, which entails less stress, less deadlines and with almost the same pay as my previous job. So, talk about no time alone for myself, when compared to what my sister has to go through everyday is nothing compared to my daily routine. Whenever I go home, there are times that I complain that I am tired. At least, now I know how lucky I am to have some little help with teh fact that at least, there's some food already waiting for me when I go home, the house is not that messy and baby still smells stinky, but still I cna always call on the yaya for some help. Plus, teh fact that whenever I want some time alone, I cna always go to teh spa, which is way cheaper ehre compared abroad or have my nails done or just splurge with make-up or clothes and BAGs...hehehe :D

I have always wanted to live and settle abroad. But with stories like these, makes me want to ponder more on this thought...hmmm

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Monday, November 2, 2009

sweetcheeks giveaway!

Here's for the 100 followers of Paula:


The stuff up for grabs are awesome! :)

another giveaway...

Here's another giveaway for the followers of He Qi Crystal Designs :


The giveaways are awesome! :)

How Did You Spend the Holidays?

How did you spend the holidays? As for me, last Saturday, hubby, baby and I attended a children's party. It was the first birthday of one of my closest friend's daughter. Baby came in as a princess, sicne the birthday party was a costume party. The birthday celebrant came in as Tinkerbell...woohoo!

As for Sunday (Nov. 1), hubby and I visited dad's grave at Manila Memorial. We left baby at Mom's place. Hubby and I set up a tent, brought some snacks and soem tortillas which I prepared. It was sort of a picnic...hehehe :) We haev been doing it for a couple of years now and we sort of already know what to do and what to expect--like the heat, the traffic, the people, etc. It was better this year, coz we were able to set up the tent under the tree, so staying inside the tent was a bit comfortable and since it rained the night before, the ground was still went and cold, thus it was nice when you lie down on the tent. Hubby, as usual, brought along his laptop, so he ended up surfing the net for some updates on Pacquiao, while I had some shuteye. We came at around 12 noon and stayed until almost 3pm, coz we don't want to be stuck in traffic since people tend to come in late in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

Then, after picking up baby at Mom's house, insetad of going to the in-laws, we decided to go to Market!Market! to relax and unwind. I bought some dresses for baby since they were having a baby's sale. We also looked around for a new stroller, since we are planning on going to HK this December and we might need a new stroller, one that is light and easy to pack and carry. We found a new one, but decided to just buy one next time, after we have scouted for more options. We also decided to have dinner there and bought some stuff in the grocery, then stayed in teh mall until closing time. Funny thing was we weren't able to go around much, because we used most of out time in line. The line in Jollibee, for yaya's dinenr took forever. Lining up in KFC for our dinner took minutes also. So, only to grab dinner for us, we spent like an house...geesh! Anyway, going to Market!Market! was just for relaxation,a dn I think we achieved that.

Come, Nov. 2, we ended up staying in the house and sleeping for hours...hehehe. HUbby and I were supposed to get a massage, but since we woke up late and even had a long afternoon nap, that substituted our supposed massage to de-stress...hehehe :)

And now, it's Tuesday--start of another work week :)

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