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Thursday, November 5, 2009

time alone

I chatted with my sister who lives abroad and she was complaining about how stressed she was. Then she started rambling about her everyday routine--to meeting deadlines in work, to rushing to catch the bus, to trying tio get home for dinner to be able to cook food, then to taking care of my 3-yr old nephew, to trying to get some alone time with my brother-in-law and the list goes on and on. Then, I asked her, so when does she take some time off for her to be alone? She asks me, "What time alone?" as if what I asked her was some foreign language. She said, she'd arther spend the extra time that she has to spend with my nephew rather than spend it with her herself.

Oftentimes, I would complain about not having enough time for myself, considering I have a yaya to take care of my baby and to take care of some household chores. Plus, my job is not demanding, which was the main reason why I took this job in the first place and left my more "insitutionalized" job. I had to give up my pride, for this job, which entails less stress, less deadlines and with almost the same pay as my previous job. So, talk about no time alone for myself, when compared to what my sister has to go through everyday is nothing compared to my daily routine. Whenever I go home, there are times that I complain that I am tired. At least, now I know how lucky I am to have some little help with teh fact that at least, there's some food already waiting for me when I go home, the house is not that messy and baby still smells stinky, but still I cna always call on the yaya for some help. Plus, teh fact that whenever I want some time alone, I cna always go to teh spa, which is way cheaper ehre compared abroad or have my nails done or just splurge with make-up or clothes and BAGs...hehehe :D

I have always wanted to live and settle abroad. But with stories like these, makes me want to ponder more on this thought...hmmm

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