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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A lot of "slips" happened to me and it's not even 9am yet in the morning!hehehe :)

First, I woke up late. I usually wake up at around 545 to beat the usual Makati traffic and stuff. But today, I woke up at 645!Talk about oversleeping! So, I rushed to take a bath, took 2 spoonfuls of b reakfast, played a little with my baby, said bye to hubby, gave instructions to the househelp and off I go. I opted not to bring the car, since I know it would be super traffic and I don't really enjoy driving if it's super traffic. So, I neded up using public transportation. I was waiting for a taxi which seemed like forever, so I decided to just take a jeepney and get off near Buendia, where there will be taxis. When I hailed the jeep, I was trying to get into the jeepney when I fell inside the jeepney! I think my shoes slipped or something! Talk about early morning embarassment!!hahahaha!!:) Then the manong driver said, "Ingat po, dahan-dahan lang atw ag magmamadali." So, I just pretended nothing happened and found a seat. When the jeepney was nearing Buendia, I said, "Para po." The very smart driver, stopped the jeepney in the middle of the road and told me, "Puwede na po kayo bumaba." I was falbbergasted! What??!!! In the middle of the road? So, I said, "Puwede po sa tabi?" (with a smile)...Then, he shook his head, but I was not moving an inch, so he was left with no choice but to move the jeepney in the right side of the road so I can go down. The jeepney was like 1/4 from the ride side of the road when he said, "Bumaba na kyo, alalay na lang." Then, suddenly, 4 of the otehr passenghers suddenly stood up and was also trying to get off the jeepney! So, when it was my trun to get off, the jeepney was alerady moving! I bumped my ehad in the roof of the jeep, trying to get off the dran vehicle as fast as I can! Aaaarrrggghhhh!! Then, since the jeepney ride took like forever and no taxis were available, I was left with the option to ride the bus instead. I rode the bus, happy that finally the worst is over...not! I was the first one to sit on the three-setaer chair, when a man sat next to me! I was soo pissed with him, coz he was so ungentleman! He was sitting there, comfortable with himself and sometimes placing his elbows on my things! He's clearly a pervert dressed in a barong!I could have killed him! Aaaaaggggggghhhhhh!!

I am soo not having a good morning today! I hope the rest of the day turns out well...crossing my fingers! x

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