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Monday, October 26, 2009

goldilocks revisited

It's Tuesday morning and as I was walking Ayala, I chanced upon the Goldilocks branch near Rufino. I decided to go inside and check what's good to eat. I usually eat pastries or breads from Goldilocks every weekend beacuse my mother-in-law has a penchant for Goldilocks. It's like our default mid-afternoon snack...hehehe. Anyway, I remember my law school days where I would gorge on a whole serving of lumpiang sariwa, thinking that I would get my vegetable fix for the day, just by eating one. Let us not also forget the famous diniguan of Goldilocks. They used to serve it with puto, but then many people wanted to eat rice with it that they eventually changed their "value meal" to dinuguan with puto or rice :) Plus, their equally famous egg pie and brownies...yum! My balikbayan relatives would always ask that they be dropped off to any Goldilocks branch before their flight back to the US to hoard on polvoron...hehehe :) I am not really a fan of polvorons, so I tend to skip that whenever I am inside Goldilocks. Phew...plenty to choose from...hehehe :)

Today, I decided to try their breads. An officemate suggested the Heavenly Marble Slice. Why name a bread "Heavenly"...hmmmm. So, I took one for myself and 2 more for my baby and hubby later. So, here I am munching the "Heavenly Marble Slice" with coffee. Indeed, it tastes "heavenly"... :)

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