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Monday, November 2, 2009

How Did You Spend the Holidays?

How did you spend the holidays? As for me, last Saturday, hubby, baby and I attended a children's party. It was the first birthday of one of my closest friend's daughter. Baby came in as a princess, sicne the birthday party was a costume party. The birthday celebrant came in as Tinkerbell...woohoo!

As for Sunday (Nov. 1), hubby and I visited dad's grave at Manila Memorial. We left baby at Mom's place. Hubby and I set up a tent, brought some snacks and soem tortillas which I prepared. It was sort of a picnic...hehehe :) We haev been doing it for a couple of years now and we sort of already know what to do and what to expect--like the heat, the traffic, the people, etc. It was better this year, coz we were able to set up the tent under the tree, so staying inside the tent was a bit comfortable and since it rained the night before, the ground was still went and cold, thus it was nice when you lie down on the tent. Hubby, as usual, brought along his laptop, so he ended up surfing the net for some updates on Pacquiao, while I had some shuteye. We came at around 12 noon and stayed until almost 3pm, coz we don't want to be stuck in traffic since people tend to come in late in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

Then, after picking up baby at Mom's house, insetad of going to the in-laws, we decided to go to Market!Market! to relax and unwind. I bought some dresses for baby since they were having a baby's sale. We also looked around for a new stroller, since we are planning on going to HK this December and we might need a new stroller, one that is light and easy to pack and carry. We found a new one, but decided to just buy one next time, after we have scouted for more options. We also decided to have dinner there and bought some stuff in the grocery, then stayed in teh mall until closing time. Funny thing was we weren't able to go around much, because we used most of out time in line. The line in Jollibee, for yaya's dinenr took forever. Lining up in KFC for our dinner took minutes also. So, only to grab dinner for us, we spent like an house...geesh! Anyway, going to Market!Market! was just for relaxation,a dn I think we achieved that.

Come, Nov. 2, we ended up staying in the house and sleeping for hours...hehehe. HUbby and I were supposed to get a massage, but since we woke up late and even had a long afternoon nap, that substituted our supposed massage to de-stress...hehehe :)

And now, it's Tuesday--start of another work week :)

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